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Website Copywriting Portfolio Spotlight: AllieMarie Design, Graphic Designer

November 17, 2018

I couldn’t be more excited to give you a peek behind the curtain of one of my favorite (and most successful) website copywriting projects to date!

With a winning SEO strategy and personality-infused writing, Allison of AllieMarie Design and I created website copywriting that sells Allison’s visual branding services an autopilot while connecting her with ideal clients that are pre-qualified and willing to wait nearly a year to work with her.

Since Google now generates 80-90% of Allison’s client leads through targeted organic search (which means we haven’t used ANY paid advertising dollars!), she is able to book visual branding projects 9-12+ months in advance after implementing her new website copy.

In short, her website SEO is definitely working for her!

Allison went from feeling burned out as she tried to constantly attract new leads (some of which didn’t fit her ideal client profile) to creating a full client waitlist. Her client projects are more rewarding than ever, and she’s never felt more secure, confident, or respected as an independent designer.

The results sound wonderful, but how did we get there?

That’s what I want to dig into for the rest of this client story. I thrilled to see how Allison’s website copy has increased the profitability of her business while giving her more time to focus on partnering with ideal clients she loves. I know the same results are possible even beyond the graphic design industry. 

Here is an in-depth look into how we approached Allison’s website copywriting.

The story of our website copywriting project

After meeting Allison on Instagram in 2016, we became fast friends over hot chocolate (for me) and a vanilla latte (for her) as we talked about our experiences in running a one-woman business.

At the time, Allison had been in business for over three years and was working her way toward sustainability. She enjoyed some of her ongoing design work, but after seeing her wide grin and high-spirited expressions when she talked about her visual branding projects, it didn’t surprise me she wanted to shift more of her attention toward brand design.

When we decided to work together on new copywriting for business, there were a few things to consider:

  • Allison didn’t want to work with only one industry in order to be successful. Without a traditional niche, she struggled with how to create targeted messaging that would still speak to her ideal clients.
  • Allison is one of the most attentive, organized small business owners I know, but there was nothing in her copy that articulated the time and care she put into her client process.
  • With her focus being on the website’s design (and rightfully so!), she hadn’t thought about which keywords would give her the most SEO value before we worked together.

Our solution was to create SEO-optimized website copy that felt like a having a casual conversation over coffee with a friend. We wanted to highlight Allison’s welcoming and warm personality while weaving thoughtful keywords into her copy in a natural way.



warm / welcoming / collaborative / knowledgeable / understanding / friendly



Website copywriting for graphic designers: Behind the strategy

I have a pretty unmistakable love for all things website strategy! I love bringing it to life with the tangible result of copywriting, but my mind totally geeks out in the strategy stage.

As I prepared Allison’s new website strategy, we agreed to pull inspiration from two of her taglines that still felt like a great fit for her brand. Because she likes working with “small businesses with big hearts” and creating “happy, thoughtful, inspired designs”, it was easy to find a place to fit these taglines into her About page and Services page.

Speaking of her website pages, here’s an inside look into how we wanted to utilize each page of her new website (which you can see has been brought to life here):


Our primary goal with the Homepage was to keep the copy concise yet powerful. We decided on a two-column layout so it would match Allison’s minimal design.

We used Allison’s tagline in the header and all of the body copy points to the main call-to-action, which is a button to learn more about how to work with Allison. Since we want every Homepage visitor to land on her Services page, this was an easy choice!

About page

I usually recommend writing a more client-focused introduction before introducing the business owner on About pages, but we tweaked out strategy a little because Allison didn’t want to target only one kind of entrepreneur. Instead, we decided to create a bulleted list of the types of businesses she likes to work with so they still feel like they are in the right place.

We collaborated on a proper bio for her About page, detailing the heart behind her business, how she got started, and a deep look into her professional experience.

To give the page even more personality, we added the “On a Personal Note” section so visitors can get to know Allison before they hop on a consultation call. She laughs now about how much clients ask her about her study abroad trip to Paris and mutual love for Gilmore Girls.

My favorite part of her About page is absolutely the Core Values section. With short blurbs of copy, we set the tone for what prospective clients can expect from the collaboration while infusing some of Allison’s inviting, fun personality in between. Concise copy is my jam, so this was a really fun section to put together!

We ended the About page with “My Promise”, which builds the visitor’s confidence in Allison as a designer, collaborator, and business owner. It’s the perfect final touch before directing people toward the rest of her website.

Services page

Our main goal for Allison’s Services page was to not only highlight her visual branding skills but also educate visitors on the true value of quality brand design. Letting incoming client leads know that building a brand encompasses more than a logo design was incredibly important for Allison.

After educating visitors in the introduction section, we decided to reintroduce Allison on this page in case someone came to the Services page before they visited her About page. Since Allison’s business is named after her and she is the main point of contact, it was crucial for us to highlight the face and personality behind the business.

Before digging into the specifics of Allison’s signature design process, we wanted visitors to self-identify themselves as a good fit or not by setting expectations in a casual, light-hearted way.

Then we introduced her offerings along with a more in-depth look into her process. Clear call-to-actions were placed throughout her Services page so people could easily find what they needed (like the contact form, investment guide, or other materials).

After almost two years, we haven’t had to make ANY tweaks to this page and it still drives the majority of her contact form requests, meaning that it is successfully converting visitors into client leads.

After our website copywriting project

Not only does Allison feel more confident in her messaging and website than ever, but she’s also been able to create a waitlist of clients who are willing to wait almost a year to work with her.

Even though Allison is in a highly saturated industry with other brand and website designers, she can confidently stand out in the crowd, knowing her website copywriting educates and sells her visitors on why she is the right choice.

Investing in website copywriting gave her a solid foundation that she can build her business on for years to come. With every new offering she launches, she returns back to the strategy and copywriting we created in early 2017 to guide her overall messaging.

Here’s what Allison had to say about our website copywriting partnership:

“Working with Kayla on my website copy was nothing short of dreamy. She gracefully led me through her thoughtful process from start to finish, taking the time to listen to my needs and dig into the heart of my business, and then turn everything into beautiful writing that speaks directly to my ideal clients and has a clear strategy behind it. My brand voice has never been as strong, polished, and “me” as it is now, thanks to Kayla’s brilliance and love and talent. Since working with Kayla, I have received inquiry after inquiry from small businesses who found me via Google – talk about marketing on autopilot! When you work with Kayla, you’re in the best of hands.” – Allison of AllieMarie Design



Are you ready to invest in website copywriting to attract and convert the right kind of leads while keeping your brand voice intact? Let’s talk today about your vision and see if my signature website copywriting process is a good fit for you!