I help creative entrepreneurs and small businesses with website copywriting, blog content creation, brand voice development, and email marketing in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.


On-demand brand classes for creative entrepreneurs

No matter what stage of business you're in, there's always more to learn and implement into your brand strategy and business growth plan.  

Because I'm an eternal student of business and creativity too, I teach brand classes that cover the best digital marketing and online business tips I've learned from over 5 years of online brand building. 

When you attend a brand class, you will receive: 

  • lifetime access to the class video recording
  • full PDF of slide deck  from the class to review
  • bonus resources from worksheets to case studies
  • ah-ha moments and clarified next steps for your business

currently available classes:

About Page Copywriting Content Creation

In my Writing an Irresistible About Page class, you'll learn how to:

  • design your About page to match the optimal user journey for your visitors
  • determine which pieces of your brand story are most important and how to weave them together
  • tailor your personal intro specifically to your ideal client and/or buyer
  • decrease your website's bounce rate with your About page with specific strategies
  • create the most effective call-to-action
Online Brand Marketing Workshops and Classes for Creative Entrepreneurs

In this Build Your Ideal Routine class for full-time entrepreneurs, you'll learn how to:

  • better prioritize your tasks
  • find your most productive workflow
  • determine your indicators of burnout and beat overwhelm
  • schedule time for reflection and self-care
  • set regular work hours that work for you, not against you
  • set (and stick!) to your boundaries
Online Brand Marketing Classes Workshops for Creative Entrepreneurs in Business

In this Build Your Ideal Routine class for side hustlers, you'll learn how to:

  • conserve energy after working at your day job
  • set better, more realistic deadlines for brand projects
  • create automated systems that work as hard as you do
  • design your ideal morning and night routines
  • keep the passion in your passion project
  • beat comparison and doubt in building your brand


Meet the gal behind each class:

Kayla Hollatz: Business Owner Workshops Classes

Hi, I'm Kayla Hollatza high-energy copywriter and brand strategist from Minneapolis, MN obsessed with all things social media, online marketing, and indoor plants. 

I designed these on demand brand classes to be easily accessible, highly actionable, and the perfect fit for any boss's schedule. No frills, no fluff, just the real good stuff that will help you grow your brand and business. 


What my students are saying:

"Kayla brings positive energy, fresh teaching tactics, and a genuine love of encouraging to all of her classes. It's hard not to feel motivated when she's leading the way!"

- Michelle

"Kayla's teaching style is VERY thorough yet fun! She makes everything easy to digest and super easy to implement. I can't thank her enough for that!" 

- Raye

"There's a lot of courses and tutorials out there about digital marketing and business, but Kayla's classes are the highest quality. Plus, her enthusiasm and inclusive personality is contagious!"

- Liza

"Kayla's classes are super engaging, full of information, and fun to watch and listen to. Plus she breaks all the steps down so you can go as quickly or slowly as you need."

- Tiara


grab a cup of cocoa and let's dig in!