3 BIG Reasons Why Hosting a One-Time Twitter Chat Can Be a Game-Changer for Your Launch

3 Reasons to Host a One-Time Twitter Chat During a Launch | Kayla Hollatz: Community and Brand Coaching for Creatives

And the award for longest blog title in the history of ever goes to… *wink*

Anyway, you probably have heard about the effectiveness of Twitter chats in community building, partly because I talk about it all the time like here and here

While hosting my #createlounge Twitter chat has been the biggest game changer for my brand, I realize hosting a consistent weekly Twitter chat isn’t for everyone, but it’s not the only way to utilize Twitter chats. 

Say whaaaaa?

Let me explain. 

Although you may initially think the only way to build an audience is through a consistent chat, hosting a one-time chat or chat series can produce incredible community results while not having to commit to hosting an ongoing weekly chat. 

This is done best when it’s around the launch of a specific product or service. Not only does it increase the visibility of the product or service, it also gives you and your target audience some other real benefits.

You create a natural conversation around your product or service

Emphasis on the word ‘natural’. Gone are the days when people thought they could just schedule a few tweets pointing to their product or service with a link that says ‘buy now!’ and expect it to convert well. You’re a smart cookie and know there’s a better way to serve your audience through social media. 

Live Twitter chats help you create a dialogue around the subject matter of your product or service in a non-icky way. This is most naturally done with an educational topic.

Let’s say you’re pre-selling an ebook that covers a 5 day approach to building a new brand and website. To keep it highly actionable, you could center the conversation around one of the foundational topics from the ebook and break it down into questions that will get your audience thinking about what they could learn even further by investing in a copy of your ebook. 

This conversation will also give incredible value to the people participating who can learn from not only your advice but from others who join in too. This helps your credibility and authority while building a super engaged community. 

It optimizes your time during a launch

We’re all looking for ways to best utilize the time we have, especially during a big launch. Often times we find ourselves having to answer several emails, sometimes regarding the same questions, in order to help potential buyers understand our product or service. 

Instead, you could direct your audience to the Twitter chat so you can answer their questions live as well as connect them instantly with your community. #winning

Which would you choose: a one hour public Twitter chat creating an additional valuable conversation or 4-5 collective hours spent in your inbox, feeling like you have to give template responses to keep up? It’s a no brainer. 

You give your potential buyers access to you

This is a HUGE deal. Like a webinar or workshop, a Twitter chat allows you to easily interact with people who are interested in your product or service all in one place.

Who would you rather invest in: someone who creates good content but can’t be reached during the launching process OR someone who creates good content but takes the time to answer your questions?

When you make yourself available to answer questions and have conversations with your audience around a launch, you’re giving them special access. (Tweet it!) Then they think Hey, if I get this value for free, it must be over-the-top *amazing* when I work with them.

Besides, you’re never too big to talk to your audience. (Tweet it!) 

So what all goes into hosting a one-time Twitter chat?

Luckily, the process is fairly simple if you have a strong foundation that can take you from strategy to prep to launch. 

My course #CHATBOSS takes you from building a Twitter chat strategy including finding your niche and honing in on your target audience all the way, to doing the prep work of scripting your chat questions, creating enticing visuals, announcing your chat the right way, to what it looks like to put a Twitter chat into action and give value after. 


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