My Brand Relaunch: What, When + Why

A behind-the-scenes look at my new brand, blog, and website relaunch. Kayla Hollatz

As many of you know, I started my business as a community coach helping other creative bloggers and entrepreneurs with building a dedicated tribe of their ideal readers and clients around their brands.

Now things are going to look a little different around here and I'm excited to tell you more about it, but before I dive into exactly what that transition is going to look like, I wanted to take a moment to take a step back and tell you more of the story behind this change. 

What inspired the transition from coaching to copywriting and brand strategy? 

For the abbreviated version of my career story, I launched my coaching business in December 2015, a year into hosting my #createlounge Twitter chat and two years into blogging. Because of my community, I was able to be booked out for my first 3 months before I even officially launched my business to the public. 

My business was still a baby (basically a newborn!) and I had no idea what it would take to become a true boss, but I was excited to get started as I put in my two-weeks notice.

Q1 and Q2 were incredible. I was working with clients I deeply cared about and some of them even started to gain notoriety and press for their successful communities. 

Then Q3 hit and everything changed. 

While I've always seen myself as more of a strategist than a coach, I found myself aching to help my clients in a more hands-on way.

I noticed how my photographer and designer friends were able to give clients a tangible product at the end of their project and I deeply wanted to do the same in my business. I didn't know what that looked like yet, but I knew I had to do something because everything felt "off".

Usually, I'd return to my vision journal and scribble mind maps and goals on a piece of paper until it all made sense, but this time felt different. I found myself called to a season of patience... so I waited. 

I decided in this time I would take a step back from making any big decisions about the direction of my business and focus on personal development and inner work instead.

Little did I know that by focusing on other areas of my life, I'd also find the "golden ticket" for my business. 

Months later over tacos and queso, which is how all good business ideas are formed, I admitted to a good friend out loud for the first time my deepest desire. 

"All I want to do is write." 

I didn't know what that would look like then, but after months of reflecting, journaling, reading, and praying, I was already thinking about what I was really good at (writing, community, strategy/planning, serving) and how I could fuse everything together. 

Now I'm happy to say I'm returning to my background in marketing with copywriting and brand strategy and it feels SO good.

I've collaborated with a few of my coaching clients on copywriting for their websites and every time, I say to myself, "Now THIS is what my business should feel like." I get cheerlead for my clients, help bring their vision to life, and hand them that coveted tangible product at the end. Dreamy!

In that waiting season, I thought I was taking a step back but what I was really doing was taking a few giant leaps forward. I just didn't know it then. 

What changes can we expect? 

New website design and brand identity 

With a new direction comes new brand visuals, of course! I've been looking like a heart-eyes emoji for weeks while putting together all of the creative projects. I'm waiting until early February (exact date to be announced soon) to fully launch the new brand and website but you can follow along with the full journey here

This is also the first time I haven't DIYed everything myself, meaning I'm investing in branding design with Allie Marie and portrait photography with Carly Milbrath. Both collaborative partners are in Minneapolis so it's been great to work with people around the neighborhood. 

More copywriting and brand strategy inspired content on the blog

With this transition, it's probably not a huge shocker that I'll be focusing more on copywriting and brand strategy (including social media and content marketing) but I won't be letting go of my creative process or community posts either. Some I'll post here, others I will be posting on the new website, launching January 11th! 

Monthly no-pitch video workshops for subscribers 

I'm beyond excited to bring these back in 2017! Toward the end of last year, I hosted a two live workshops which my people seemed to la-la-love but with my direction up in the air, I decided to put them on hold until I figured out where I was moving next. Now I'll be bringing them back in a big way!

I'll still team up with other creative business owners for webinars every now and then in 2017, but I want to host a free education-based video workshop for my most dedicated tribe (aka my mailing list subscribers!) to help them build better businesses in the new year. 

Dying to follow along with my full brand relaunch?

I'm going to be pausing all blog content this month until I relaunch in early February BUT I will be writing weekly letters to my subscribers all about the ins-and-outs of my process. All successes, losses, and lessons included below. 

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