Workshops for Bloggers and Creative Entrepreneurs
Workshops for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs on Online Marketing

created for bloggers and entrepreneurs 

Want to learn from lively, interactive video trainings but waiting to invest in a course? Say hello to my video workshops! I create regular workshops to start transparent conversations and give actionable advice on how to build a brand and lifestyle that's right for you, just like in my weekly emails

My video workshops are unique in that my email pals can attend them live for FREE. Yeah, you read that right. If you miss a workshop, don't worry! They will be available for purchase at very affordable prices, all under $30. 

Get ready to clarify your brand vision, redefine your daily routine, do some enlightening soul-searching, and plan your next steps forward in your business. 


In this Build Your Ideal Routine workshop for full-time entrepreneurs, you'll learn how to:

  • better prioritize your tasks
  • find your most productive workflow
  • determine your indicators of burnout and beat overwhelm
  • schedule time for reflection and self-care
  • set regular work hours that work for you
  • set (and stick!) to your boundaries

In this Build Your Ideal Routine workshop for side hustlers, you'll learn how to:

  • conserve energy after working at your day job
  • set better deadlines for brand projects
  • create automated systems that work when you do
  • design your ideal morning and night routines
  • keep the passion in your passion project
  • beat comparison and doubt in building your brand