Say goodbye to crickets and hello to your people.


You fiercely believe in what you do. 

You have the knowledge. You have the skills. You even have the guts to make big things happen. 

There's only one problem: you can't seem to find your people.

You want to connect with the right people. The people who will spread your creative work like wildfire, the people who will stand behind everything that you create and sell. When you reach the right people, you tap into the strongest asset of your business - your community.

It's time to turn passive lurkers into passionate community members that breathe life back into what you do. 

Community and brand coaching is for you if:

  • you want to launch products and services supported by a community comprised of your ideal clients
  • you’ve tried dozens of courses and ebooks, but have yet to create a community action plan that fits your brand vision. 
  • you want to be seen as a thought leader, the clear choice in your industry.
  • you want one-on-one attention from someone who “gets it” and is ready to take you from strategy to implementation. 


I've got your back. 

Hi, I’m Kayla Hollatz, a community and brand coach with a fierce love for connection and collaboration. I help creative bloggers and business owners (like you!) build sustainable brand communities.

Community is at the heart of everything I do. 

After almost 2 years of hosting #createlounge, the first ever Twitter chat for creative bloggers and business owners and now full-fledged community, I’ve decided to bring my extensive background in online community building to help you build a dynamite community that supports your brand vision.

Kayla Hollatz: Community Coach for Creatives


Coaching Process


We dig deep into your current brand and community and find opportunities for growth.


Through our coaching sessions, we uncover your big, dreamy vision for your brand and lifestyle.


We create an action plan to help you increase engagement through community and content.



We follow up to talk about your progress in-depth and assess your brand and community growth.

Kayla Hollatz: Community and Brand Coaching
The Leap Community Coaching Package

For new creative bloggers, business owners, or side hustlers who are launching a new brand, product, or service and want to ensure they are reaching the right people and creating an offering that truly serves them. 

During this one-on-one workshop partnership, we'll:

  • Deep dive into your current community and discover opportunities for growth
  • Clarify your vision and what role your community has in it
  • Determine who your target audience is and where they live
  • Laser focus on 1 specific social platform and create a community action plan

When you invest in The Leap community coaching package, you will receive:

  • (1) 3 hr one-on-one community and brand strategy workshop through a video call
  • Current community analysis 
  • Audio recording of our workshop
  • Community and brand building action plan 

Investment: $589

(payment plans available!)

The Plunge Community Coaching Package

For creative business owners who understand the true value their community gives to their business and are ready to invest more in them through next-level, intentional community building strategies. 

During this one month partnership, we'll:

  • Cover everything from The Leap package
  • Craft the right messaging and copy for your people
  • Discuss how to promote your community in a non-icky way
  • Laser focus on how your community can support your products and services

When you invest in The Plunge community coaching package, you will receive:

  • (1) 3 hr one-on-one community and brand strategy workshop through a video call
  • (4) 1 hr weekly one-on-one video calls
  • Current community analysis
  • Audio recordings of each call
  • Email support during one month partnership
  • Community and brand building action plan

Investment: $1,089

(payment plans available!)

Kayla Hollatz: Community and Brand Coaching


What my rad clients are saying:


"It took me a little while to shop around for the right coach for me and I'm so glad I found Kayla! I had ideas in my head of fun projects, but had difficulty piecing the puzzle together by myself and really wanted to find someone to brainstorm with. Kayla understood my vision from the beginning. Each call with Kayla was incredibly valuable and many light bulb moments were involved. Through our time together, and even afterwards, my Facebook community The Roar Tribe has grown organically. My first video challenge, The Roar Challenge would likely never see the light of day had I not worked with Kayla. As an added bonus, I've booked clients through my new community! I consider working with Kayla one of my best personal and business investments to date." - Holly Meyer 



"Working with Kayla felt more like a collaboration than an intimidating 'coaching session.' Together, we created an AMAZING strategy for building my community -- something that hasn't been done yet in this niche and exactly fits the vibe I was going for. Thanks to her community coaching, I feel more confident and excited about my upcoming relaunch. Kayla is professional, yet approachable; hilarious yet seriously committed; honest yet encouraging. She is an investment worth making in every way!" -  Marissa Burdett of Ampersand



"Working with Kayla has been business changing. Our conversations have really helped me to dig in and uncover a deeper vision for the Designer Guidebook community. I feel like Kayla truly "gets" me and my dream to create a soft landing place for designers. I'm so thankful for her guidance in this community building process and I feel lucky to have her on my team!" -  Katie Price of Designer Guidebook 



Katie Price of Designer Guidebook for Kayla Hollatz Community Coaching Packages Testimonial
Kayla Hollatz: Community and Brand Coaching - Work With Me

"When I reached out to Kayla I had a big, dreamy vision for a community that I wanted to create, but was struggling with how to actually bring it to life. Kayla was able to understand the big vision and had the knowledge to help me figure out everything I had been struggling with for months. It felt like a true collaboration between the two of us to create an action plan and a very detailed look at exactly what is going into the community and how to make it something that can continually grow and still be sustainable so I don't burn myself out. If you're thinking about working with Kayla, do it! She has the right balance between coach and collaborator. I'm looking forward to working with Kayla again in the future!" -  Indigo Colton 





Who do you work with?

I work with a wide range of creative business owners. Whether you're a designer, photographer, infopreneur, blogger, writer, coach, or lifestyle brand, I offer a variety of custom community coaching packages that are right for you.

When are you available for booking?

I have a limited number of community coaching spots available starting August 2016. Interested? Let's chat!

Are payment plans available?

Absolutely! We can discuss payment plan options that fit your budget. 

I'm looking for something different than the packages above. Do you offer customizations?

Yes! Every community coaching package is customized to fit your unique needs. Whether you need a change in timeline, subject matter, or deliverables, I'm happy to accommodate. I am also open to ongoing coaching services. Let's chat!