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Lindsay Humes and I met through a business mastermind group in 2017 and have been friends and collaborators ever since. When she decided to redesign her website and repackage her services, we partnered to create polished, professional copy that perfectly fit her natural voice. 

Lindsay is an extremely talented WordPress website developer whose native language is coding, so she was excited to outsource her copywriting. We were able to blend her analytical approach with my creative copy to craft a gorgeous, SEO-optimized website and blog. 

THE GOAL OF Lindsay's website COntent:

With the new website, Lindsay wanted to niche down her copy to target professional food and fashion bloggers. However, when we also collaborated on an email sales funnel for her subscribers, we focused more broadly on bloggers and entrepreneurs who are interested in pre-made website templates. Her product sales have jumped 30% after implementing the email sequence, exceeding her original goals!  


"I desperately needed help conveying and marketing my brand values to potential clients. I could easily talk about the tech side, but selling it is another story. Kayla did a great job of crafting a succinct brand message that reflected my services. As for email automation, I've been able to grow my email list and sales by 30% from the email sequence we created together!" - Lindsay Humes

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