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Website Copywriting for wedding photographer jason:

The Story Behind Our Website Copywriting Partnership:

Jason and I connected over Instagram last spring over Instagram and finished each other's sentences based on our shared ideas for his new website. With common catch phrases like "dope" and "nailed it", I knew working together on his website copy was going to be a blast. The result was copy that reads just like Jason talks when shooting a wedding (while being SEO-optimized, too).

The Goal of Jason's wedding Photography Website Copywriting:

Jason was looking to update not only the look of his website but also wanted to invest in copy that sounded polished without being stuffy. He's a wedding photographer, after all! He also wanted to continue growing his SEO efforts in the Cleveland market (ranking #1 on Google for his local market) while tapping into new markets like Charleston, New York, and Maui. We also worked on several client email templates and sequences to guide clients through the full process, everything from scheduling inquiry calls to final photo delivery. 


"Kayla was absolutely AMAZING to work with! As a wedding photographer, it's important to attract like-minded clients that I can vibe with on their very important day. My website is a client's first impression of me, and it was important to me that the copy sounded like me in real life. Kayla took the time to learn about me on a personal level and translate that into perfect copy that showcases my personality all while leading clients through the sales funnel. There's really no point in investing in a web presence if you're not going to polish your brand with amazing copy. Seriously Kayla, thank you thank you thank you!" 

Jason Thomas Crocker Photography Wedding Website Copywriting


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