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Vision Journal Prompt Archive

Thank you so much for signing up for my vision journal prompts! While this was a summer 2016 project, I wanted to share a full archive of  I sent through my mailing list for you to enjoy at any time. 

Prompt #1: The Cure to Over-Consumption: helps creative entrepreneurs who are consuming more than they're creating and notice themselves playing the comparison game

Prompt #2: The Hierarchy of Motivations: helps creative entrepreneurs who have a hard time nailing down exactly where their motivation and inspiration comes from and how to explain it to loved ones who don't understand, especially in the business world. 

Prompt #3: Understanding Your Support System: helps creative entrepreneurs not only build their support system mindfully but also determine what exact support they can gain from each person (biggest game changer!)

Prompt #4: Discovering Your Brand Voice: helps creative entrepreneurs review their website copywriting with fresh eyes and new techniques focused on bringing out their true brand voice.