Kayla Hollatz: Speaker, Coach, Blogger, Entrepreneur

Past events and organizations:  


  • 2016: HerCampus Demolishing the Glass Ceiling Conference 
  • 2016: Intentionally Charged Workshop
  • 2016: Infopreneur Summit
  • 2016: Minneapolis Networking Seminar
  • 2016: Master Your Market Summit
  • 2016: Master Your Career Summit
  • 2014-2016: University of Minnesota, Mankato


Hi, I'm Kayla Hollatz, a speaker, author, blogger, and entrepreneur passionate about teaching and inspiring young professionals, side hustlers, and new business owners.

I often speak on topics regarding social media, community building, content marketing, business, job seeking, passion projects and more. 

If you need an engaging, high-spirited speaker for an upcoming conference, or an actionable leader for an upcoming workshop, or a knowledgable trainer for an upcoming project or event, let's chat!


Topics I can speak on:

Blog, Marketing, and Business Conferences:

  • 4 Levels of Community for Creative Entrepreneurs
  • How to DIY Your Public Relations Strategy 
  • The Difference Between Building an Audience and Community (and Why You Need Both)
  • Finding and Owning Your Personal Brand in Business
  • Finding Your Edge in a Saturated Industry 
  • Creating a Community-Centered Content Marketing Strategy 
  • Building an Intimate Community Through Your Email List
  • Tips to Better Blog and Business Collaborations 
  • Raising Your Engagement on Social Media
  • Finding and Using Your Voice on Social Media
  • Growing Your Brand Through Twitter Chat Hosting

College Organizations:

  • Starting a Business After College
  • The Benefits of Starting a Blog in College
  • How to Use Social Media to Land Job Opportunities
  • The Importance of Pursuing Passion Projects in College
  • How to Get Experience in Social Media Before Graduating 
  • How Public Relations Has Changed in the Digital Age
  • Creating Your Own Career Path Built Around Your Skills