The Power of We Audio Series


I was thrilled to interview the (British!) queen of intentional podcasting, Jen Carrington of the the Make it Happen Podcast, for the second episode of The Power of We. 

In our episode, Jen shared:

  • why she values enabling people over teaching people
  • how to humanize your business
  • why she’s rebranding to her full name in order to be “future proof”
  • how podcasts are a great content type for introverts
  • what it means to build a game-changing community platform
  • actionable tips and tricks for starting your own podcast

She even shared that 60-80% of her content coaching clients decided to work with her after listening to her podcast. WHAT?! Seriously. That's what I call influential. There are so many good nuggets of wisdom in this episode!

Some inspirational quotables from Jen: 

  • “Podcasts are where some of the most game-changing ideas, content, and conversations are happening.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Podcasts are a great way to make friends as an introvert.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “I really don’t believe that someone’s following count defines how impactful their story can be.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “There is no one-size-fits-all way to build a game-changing business.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Content doesn’t just stop at the written word.” (Tweet it!)

A BIG thank you to Jen for sharing how she's built her podcast into a thriving platform for community. Tune in tomorrow for our next episode with Jessica Howell of Social Studio Shop! 


Ready to build a community of your own?