The Power Of We Audio Series


To close out The Power of We, I created a bonus solo episode in order to share my own community story, with an emphasis on #createlounge, and what I've learned after hosting a weekly Twitter chat for a year. 

In this solo episode, I share:

  • why I put The Power of We audio series together
  • why I created #createlounge last January
  • how #createlounge differs from other communities (and how to find your edge too!) 
  • why I take a "names > numbers" approach to community building
  • what I've learned through hosting a weekly Twitter chat
  • an inside look into my new community coaching services
  • why community is crucial for any business' success

A BIG thank you again to our fantastic interviewees:

Also, a HUGE thank you to you as well for listening. It's been incredible hearing your feedback on Twitter, Periscope, and beyond these past two weeks. 

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