The Power of We Audio Series


For creativepreneur listeners who dream of building a brand with a dynamite team, this episode with SommerAnn McCullough, the Community Manager of Career Contessa, is sure to inspire you. 

In our episode, SommerAnn shares: 

  • how to build an irresistible and unique brand ambassador program
  • the importance of networking in a non-icky way
  • what it takes to plan a successful in-person events
  • the everyday schedule of a community manager
  • the power of the non-traditional career path

Some motivational quotables from SommerAnn:

  • “I’ve always believed in women coming together and helping each other.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “Start small and build those foundational relationships.” (Tweet it!)
  • “You never know what a person’s story is going to be.” (Tweet it!)
  • “You never want to be the girl that settles.” (Tweet it!)

A BIG thank you to SommerAnn for sharing more about how she's put this amazing movement of women professionals together. Tune in tomorrow when we talk with Julie Harris about Facebook groups! 


Ready to build a community of your own?