The Power of We Series


I saw Facebook groups as a key platform to cover in the The Power of We audio series because of their expansive growth and knew I had to have Julie Harris who created one of my favorites on the show. In a sea of Facebook groups, Julie has created something really unique and special with The Creative's Corner

In our episode, Julie shares:

  • what it means to build a people-focused business
  • how to create themed posts to engage your Facebook group
  • why she welcomes self-promotion in her Facebook group
  • how to intentionally name your community
  • how she monitors her Facebook group
  • the importance of welcoming each new member

Some thought-provoking quotables from Julie:

  • “When you’re doing business online, trust is a huge element.” (Tweet it!)
  • “It sometimes takes a community to push [you to] create.” (Tweet it!)
  • “There’s a time and a place for being emotional.” (Tweet it!)
  • “It takes a community to grow.” (Tweet it!)

A BIG thank you to Julie for sharing her best tips for standing out with your Facebook group community. Tune in tomorrow for our episode with Mariah Coz on collaborative webinars. 


Ready to build a community of your own?