I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Maya Elious, a personal branding strategist who has built a memorable and ultra contagious community on Periscope. 

In our episode, Maya shares:

  • how to welcome brand evolution and bring your community along the way
  • the importance of investing in your blog content when monetizing
  • why Periscope is the best thought leadership tool for coaches
  • the true power of face-to-face connections
  • how to repurpose scopes for long-term value
  • how influence and community go hand-in-hand
  • ways to make Periscope less scary for new users

I even pulled a Beyonce during our episode and sang Say My Name as we joked about our mantras. *insert crying while laughing emoji* Trust me, you’ll want to listen to this fun conversation with Maya!

Some insightful quotables from Maya: 

  • “People are going to forget about you if you don’t stay relevant." (Tweet it!)
  • "You have to allow people to take the journey with you.” (Tweet it!)
  • “I want people to feel like they have a team that supports them even if it’s just a team of one.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Nobody connects with perfect. They connect with human.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Don’t just be a talking head. Address people by name.” (Tweet it!)

A BIG thank you to Maya for sharing her Maya’s Militia community story with us. Thanks for listening and tune in tomorrow for our next episode with Jen Carrington from the Make it Happen Podcast!


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