The Power of We Audio Series


Courses have taken center stage and with many creative entrepreneurs creating their own, it's more important than ever to stand out. Sarah Morgan from XO Sarah has created a unique experience with her course and she's sharing how community can fit into your course. 

In our episode, Sarah shares: 

  • how she made the leap from freelance designer to infopreneur
  • why she continually reworks her course content
  • why she uses Google+ Communities
  • how her course has helped her meet some of her business besties 
  • how having a community can help support your passive income strategy
  • her best tips for creating a successful and unique course
  • how she structures her affiliate program

After our chat, I'm about ready to make a trip out to San Diego to meet her (and Jessica from our last episode!) If you're interested in creating a course, she's a great person to have in your corner. 

Some actionable quotables from Sarah:

  • “You want to create a course you have experience in that you can teach for years.” (Tweet it!)
  • “My initial focus was on community rather than on content.” (Tweet it!)
  • “It is really helpful to have other people around to [ask] ‘Is this a good idea?’” (Tweet it!

A BIG thank you to Sarah for sharing her course building experiences with us during the audio series. Check back tomorrow for our next episode with Ashley Beaudin



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