The Power of We Audio Series


If you like a community leader that values transparency and vulnerability, Ashley Beaudin of #fireworkpeople is your gal. As a Twitter chat host myself, it was so fun to talk with Ashley about how she structures her chat in order to connect with her people - passionate women making their dreams happen. 

In our episode, Ashley shared:

  • what it means to be a “firework”
  • why she doesn’t prepare any questions before her chats
  • how to embrace your own creative process
  • why she calls her chats “Twitter parties”
  • why she dissolved her Facebook group recently
  • what it takes to be an effective Twitter chat host

Some inspirational quotables from Ashley:

  • “When we come together, we can feed off of each other’s strengths.” (Tweet it!) 
  • “As a host, you must have a heart for connection and community.” (Tweet it!)
  • “People can smell any type of inauthenticity a mile away.” (Tweet it!)
  • “Our generation is yearning for community and a sense of belonging." (Tweet it!)

A BIG thank you to Ashley for sharing her Twitter party community story with us and opening up about her unique process. Tune in tomorrow for our episode with SommerAnn McCullough on brand ambassador program building!



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