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Thank you for joining our community in The Lounge. It's so wonderful to have a brilliant creative like you here. 

In addition to biweekly letters of encouragement, you're also receiving lifetime access to The Power of We. When I launched my one-on-one community building services last December, I also created this exclusive audio series for The Lounge with creatives like you in mind. 

The Power of We 

The Power of We audio series was created for fierce creative bloggers and entrepreneurs looking to build sustainable, organically grown communities. 

During this ten episode audio series, I interviewed some of my most admired community builders in various creative fields including coaching, social media, photography, design, and more. 

What listeners are saying:

"I feel like I should be paying $500 for each of these lessons! They've inspired all of my scopes for the next week." - Cole of Pines Up North

"The Power of We is the best way to start the day, if you ask me." - Catherine of The Blissful Mind

"Seriously obsessed with The Power of We. I've been listening non-stop!" - Kaitlyn of The Crown Fox

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