brand strategy + content creation: thinksem

The story of our brand strategy + content creation partnership: 

ThinkSEM is a Minneapolis-based PPC Management, SEO, and web design company for a variety of industries. I worked with ThinkSEM in 2014 on their brand strategy and content creation before I graduated college. I worked with the team again as a freelancer in 2016 for their Wordpress web themes brand, Web Themes Plus

Brand Strategy Wins: 

  • Attracted local clients and collaborations solely with our social media efforts and blog content. 
  • Blog content was linked and shared on multiple digital marketing industry-leading websites. 
  • Raised Twitter mention reach from 9,104 to 7.1 million in our first month of working together.
  • Built Twitter follower base from 403 to 1,893 in our first five months.

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    The goal of thinksem's content:

    Like many B2B agencies, ThinkSEM 's content goals included quality lead generation, higher engagement, and increased thought leadership in the industries of PPC advertising, SEO, website development, and online marketing.