content creation: Carly milbrath

Content Creation for carly milbrath: 

  • Why I Took The Leap into Full-Time Entrepreneurship
  • Why I Shoot Film 
  • # Affirmations for Beginning Photographers
  • Note: All will be published in February-March 2017 and linked then.

The story of our content creation partnership: 

Carly Milbrath is a Minneapolis film photographer who primarily shoots weddings, boudoir, and portraits. We met through the Twin Cities Collective group and decided to collaborate on content creation for her website and new brand photos for my brand relaunch. 

The goal of carly's content:

With the large number of emails Carly receives about why she shoots film and took the leap from her day job, she thought it would be beneficial to create personal blog posts on these subjects so she could expand on each topic while saving her a lot of time in her replies.