is copy a last-ditch effort on your website? 

I get it. You’re in launch mode, already spending countless hours getting your designs and photos just right. By the time you get around to DIYing your copywriting, your words become, well... a bit of an afterthought. 

While photography and design may initially attract your ideal clients and buyers, your words make the connection. Copywriting seals the deal. It holds the substance, the power, the true value of your brand.

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar: 

01 // “I know I have a story to tell but my writing sounds nothing like me.” 

02 // “I wish my website would just write itself.”

03 // “I want my copy to sound more like how I speak.” 

04 // “The last thing I have time for right now is to sit down and write content.”


but what if you could...


01 //

position yourself as an expert, even in a saturated industry

02 // 

have a consistent flow of dreamy clients who value your work AND pricing

03 // 

make the same amount of impact with your words as you do your visuals


04 //

not have to worry about tweaking your website copy every few weeks

05 //

be confident in having a unique brand voice your audience knows AND loves

06 //

get back to the business projects you la-la-love (and that pay the bills!)



You don’t have to berate yourself for not loving writing or for not having the time. Between day-to-day business tasks, managing your inbox, and client meetings, you already have enough on your plate. 

You’re a boss, and you know the boss thing to do is to outsource your copywriting to someone who:

(a) loves to write

(b) understands your voice and vibe

(c) is a 6 ft tall brunette who drinks hot chocolate like it’s water.

(Okay, you caught me! I’m totally talking about me.) 


Why hello there!

I’m Kayla Hollatz, a high-energy, fun-loving Minneapolis copywriter with a fierce love for storytelling, crafting memorable client experiences, and indoor plants. (Learn more about me here!) 

I’m here for one big purpose: to help your copywriting look, sound, and most importantly, feel more like you. 

Maybe you want your website copy to feel like your favorite pair of worn-in denim jeans: casual, cool, and oh so comfortable. Or maybe you want to dress it up in heels and show it around town. 

Kayla Hollatz: Twin Cities Copywriter for Creative Business Owners and Entrepreneurs