Courses for Bloggers and Entrepreneurs on Social Media and Marketing

created for bloggers and entrepreneurs 

My courses cover topics that matter to bloggers and entrepreneurs like increasing engagement on social media, creating dynamic and interactive content through your blog, finding your voice through email marketing and copywriting, and more!

My courses are perfect for you if you:

  • want a fun and affordable option that allows you work at your own pace
  • are looking to get the most out of your social media, email marketing, copywriting, blogging, and other marketing channels
  • want to build an engaged audience and die-hard community around your brand  

With my expertise in building community-centered brands through social media, blogging, copywriting, podcasting, AND email marketing, I know my courses will help you get from Point A to way beyond Point B. 

Pour yourself a glass of wine, grab your printed worksheets, and get ready to revolutionize your brand's marketing strategy and community!

Crickets to Community Course for Creative Bloggers and Entrepreneurs

I see you, putting countless hours into creating epic content, perfecting every part of your creative process from writing to editing to design. Despite all of the work you put in behind-the-scenes, you just aren't getting the kind of response your brand deserves.

The problem isn’t the quality of your content.
It’s that you haven’t found your people yet.

What you’re missing is a community, a strong, passionate tribe of ideal clients and buyers who will not only offer support and encouragement, but also give you the quality feedback you need to grow your brand intentionally.

Say goodbye to crickets and hello to your people.

Crickets to Community is an informative course and engaging community that helps creative bloggers and entrepreneurs build stronger online communities with foundational strategies. 

#CHATBOSS Course: Become a Twitter Chat Host

You’re tired of hearing crickets when you tweet about your content, products, and services. You know your target audience lives on Twitter but you're not quite sure how to reach them. You know there’s more value to gain from Twitter than scheduling tweets here and there. You’re ready to build something greater.

You want to start an engaging conversation.

You crave to have a deeper connection with your people, something that stretches beyond 140 characters. You want to tweet and talk with them, not at them. You’re ready to go from surface-level, one-time conversations to building a thriving, meaningful Twitter community.

Sure, it sounds great, but where do you start?

#CHATBOSS, an extensive course on how to host, plan, and launch your own Twitter chat for creative bloggers and entrepreneurs!