Client Online Communities in Social Media and Marketing
Claire Dobson

Capture Your Audience with Claire Dobson

What is the community? Capture Your Audience is a vibrant, engaging community for photographers and visual creatives to share marketing tips and tricks as well as genuine support and encouragement. 

Who is it for? Professional and aspiring photographers who are interested in learning from or connecting with industry leaders. 

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"Working with Kayla is easily one of the best decisions I've made for my brand and business. When I first started this process, I honestly did not really know what having a community really meant. But now I've formed a group of people who are not only my ideal clients, but they love me and are ready to buy from me. I strongly believe now that to stay current with your marketing efforts as a small business, you need to not focus on your following on social media but your engagement and community. Without Kayla's help and proven tools, it would have taken a lot longer to grow this group of people or for me to see any results. She helped me with my copywriting on my website so that it would appeal to the actual people I was creating this community for and she is a great supporter of my business!"


The Roar Tribe with Holly Meyer

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What is the community? The Roar Tribe is an intimate, tight-knit collective of fierce women who have an immense desire to make the world a brighter place through their creative business endeavors. 

Who is it for? Courageous, big-hearted women who are creative entrepreneurs or side hustlers who are making their dreams happen.

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"It took me a little while to shop around for the right coach for me and I'm so glad I found Kayla! I had ideas in my head of fun projects, but had difficulty piecing the puzzle together by myself and really wanted to find someone to brainstorm with. Kayla understood my vision from the beginning. As an added bonus, I've booked clients through my new community! I consider working with Kayla one of my best personal and business investments to date."



The Swarm Society with Christina Ochoa

What is the community? The Swarm Society is a paid subscription community offering audio lessons, weekly Facebook Live sessions, and mentorship through engagement.  

Who is it for? Side hustlers and bloggers who want to learn more about social media marketing from industry experts.  

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"I knew I had wanted to form a community for my brand/biz at the beginning of 2016, but I really needed guidance and major direction. Kayla really helped me put an action plan behind The Swarm Society. She took the time to assist me and offer wonderful insight into building a community through in-depth Skype chats and emails. Her coaching style and cheerleading spirit definitely gave me the confidence to put this plan into action for my launch. Her assistance gave me great direction to formulate a 7-page plan for my community and glad that she has my back in this whole process." 


Systemise and Rise with Rose Akoko

What is the community?: Sysemise and Rise is an intimate mastermind Facebook group focused on helping its members build better systems for their business and increase their productivity.

Who is it for? Female entrepreneurs who are confident in their creativity but need help building automated systems and strategic planning. 

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"Before connecting with Kayla, I had a vision of what I wanted to do but as my mind was running at 100mph, I found it hard to get clear on what I wanted to do and who I wanted to serve. After my conversations with Kayla, I was able to pinpoint exactly who I wanted to serve and how I was going to do it. I was even able to start my Facebook Community which is growing every week. Each conversation was the highlight of my week and she turned a rather daunting process for me into a breeze. Immediately after our sessions, the results showed. I’m able to tell people exactly who I am and exactly how I can help them, and because of that, my platform is blossoming at a faster rate than I had imagined it would grow."



Rock Your Month with Indigo Colton

What is the community? Rock Your Month is an intimate, accepting collective of working creatives who set and share their goals. Indigo also pairs you up with an accountability partner to help you reach your goals. 

Who is it for? Any creative business owners who would like assistance in setting business goals and intentions for maximum personal and professional growth. 

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"When I reached out to Kayla I had a big, dreamy vision for a community that I wanted to create, but was struggling with how to actually bring it to life. Kayla was able to understand the big vision and had the knowledge to help me figure out everything I had been struggling with for months."