I help creative entrepreneurs and small businesses with website copywriting, blog content creation, brand voice development, and email marketing in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Say goodbye to last minute launches + hello to a custom strategic plan that grows with you. 


It’s midnight again and you wake up mid-slumber with a new content idea, just after you shut the lights off too. 

The struggle becomes so real as you quickly write down your idea and try whip up a blog post or newsletter to be sent the following morning… and then you just remembered to schedule those pesky social media posts too. 

You love your business but you’re tired of the endless exhaustion, crippling procrastination, and feeling like you’re constantly running on empty. 


You know what your business goals are. 
You’re seriously in-tune with your brand vision. 
You just have no clue where to start. 


Together, we’ll create a customized plan for each of your desired social media and content marketing platforms while weaving them together to create a full-blown, I-can’t-believe-I-ever-worked-without-this brand strategy. 


Let’s infuse intentionality into every facet of your brand strategy. 


This is for you if: 

  • you’ve been in business for at least 1-3 years and are looking to invest in a brand strategy 
  • you want to be more intentional with your time spent on social media and content marketing (no more last minute posting!) 
  • you don’t want online marketing to be pushed to the bottom of your to-do list anymore

This may not be for you if: 

  • you recently launched your business within the last 6 months. (let’s meet for a one-time strategy session instead!) 
  • you’re not interested in emerging content types and marketing evolution
  • you’re already confident in your marketing strategy (good on’ya, mate!) 



Ready to get started?

i know i am! 

Kayla Hollatz: Twin Cities Social Media Content Marketing Strategist

Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Kayla Hollatz, a high-energy brand strategist from the Twin Cities with a fierce love for social media, brand storytelling, and indoor plants. (Learn more about me here!) 

I’m here for one big purpose: to help you turn your dreamy brand vision into a personalized strategic plan with actionable steps to get you there. 

I started my career in public relations with a focus on social media and content marketing after earning my BA in Mass Media and Creative Writing from MNSU.

Now I fuse these skills with my business background in copywriting and coaching to create a full-blown brand strategy process that's as unique as my clients!



Holly Meyer Design Kayla Hollatz Copywriting Marketing Strategy Digital

"It took me a little while to shop around for the right brand strategist for me and I'm so glad I found Kayla! I consider working with Kayla one of my best personal and business investments to date. I had ideas in my head of fun business projects, but had difficulty piecing the puzzle together by myself and really wanted to find someone to strategize with. Kayla understood my vision from the beginning. I've booked multiple clients through implementing my social media and content marketing plan. Working with her is a no-brainer!" - Holly of Holly Meyer Design 


I break brand strategy into two parts: 

Content Marketing:

We’ll go way beyond your blog to create a dynamic, completely customized content marketing plan that effortlessly fits into your 2017 business goals. 

Your content marketing plan should mold and fit to your specific needs. Because of that, we can cover any of the following: blogging, email marketing, podcasting, live video streaming and video marketing, email sequences and email courses, webinars, collaborative projects, online communities, influencer or brand ambassador programs, and beyond!

Social Media: 

Let’s turn your passive followers into passionate community members, shall we?

Together, we’ll unleash the power of your brand story to help you genuinely connect with your ideal clients and buyers through social media platforms they already use.

We’ll take your content marketing plan and fuse it with your social media efforts to create a full brand strategy that's tailored to perfectly fit your 2017 brand vision. 


my true-to-you brand strategy process: 

Week 01 //

We’ll kick off our partnership with strategy workshop to clarify your business vision and goals. I’ll send a long-form discovery questionnaire for you to fill out over a glass of wine. 

Week 02 //

From our strategy call and your questionnaire answers, I’ll begin to draft your top social media and content marketing goals. I’ll send for your review so we’re on the same page. 

Week 03 //

Once I get the thumbs up, I’ll start working on your full brand strategy in my cozy studio. Lots of hot chocolate will be consumed before I send the documents for your review.

Week 04 //

I’ll present the strategy virtually or locally and we’ll talk through every section together. I’ll make revisions and draft a plan for implementation to bring the plan to life. 


booked out until fall 2017!



+ Can I take a peek at your brand strategy template?

Absolutely! I’d be happy to talk more about my brand strategy process through our inquiry call and walk through one of my portfolio examples so you know what to expect. I do this privately to ensure the confidentiality of my clients’ strategies.

+ what is your pricing like?

All of my brand strategy packages are completely customized to fit your exact needs. Whether you need a series of virtual (or local if you're in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area) brand strategy sessions or a full-blown strategic plan, I'll design a package that has everything you need and nothing you don't.

+ Let’s work together! What is your current availability?

I will be booking brand strategy clients starting in March. Let’s chat about what our partnership could look like.