#YourOwnWayCon Instagram Challenge

#yourownwaycon Instagram Challenge for Your Own Way Conference

You may have been wondering why the blog has been a bit quiet lately. In addition to client projects, I've also been working for a few months on an extra special passion project. *cue the confetti* 

If you've been following along on social media or through my email list, you've probably heard me talking about Your Own Way Conference. If it's new to you, I'll give you the abbreviated version. 

It's a one-day 100% charitable small business conference in Minneapolis focused on inspiring and empowering entrepreneurs to build a business their own way. All of the ticket proceeds will be donated to sex trafficking survivors in the Cities, helping to support them as their rebuild their own lives.

To celebrate the event and raise awareness of the cause, we'll be hosting an Instagram challenge on Tuesday, September 19th through Thursday. You can help us spread the word no matter if you're in Minneapolis or across the globe!

 Here's a quick peek at the prompts below:

  • Tuesday: What is your differentiator? What makes your business stand out from any others on the market? 
  • Wednesday: How do you deal with transitions in your business in your own way? How have you embraced a transition in the past? 
  • Thursday: What is your vision for business expansion in 2018 and beyond? What path of growth are you pursuing and why? 

Want to join us? Simply use the hashtag #yourownwaycon and tag us at @yourownwaycon. We can't wait to hear your own way story!

Kayla Hollatz