What Launched in Q2: 2017 Copywriting Projects Recap


As many of you probably noticed, I’ve been pretty quiet on the blog recently. Okay, you caught me, I’ve been basically radio silent.

While I adore blogging (heck, it’s how I got my start), I decided at the beginning of Q2 to pour all of my energy into my copywriting and content creation clients. After transitioning from brand strategy coaching to copywriting, I owed it to my clients and myself to streamline and perfect my workflow.

I fell into what I’m calling my “perfect flow” of client projects pretty quickly. Much of the credit goes to my incredible clients who have given me the opportunity to work on some remarkable projects.

Rather than simply updating my copywriting portfolio, I thought I’d highlight some of my favorite projects of the quarter and tell more of the story behind each. Let’s dive in!

Website Copywriting: Tribe Photo Co.


The story behind our website copywriting project

After Richard, the founder of Tribe Red Leaf Studios, found me on Instagram (no, seriously!), we immediately connected over our love for poetic content and intentional community building.

I had the opportunity collaborate with Richard and his team to create copy for the new tribephoto.co website, which launched last month as a brand extension of the renowned Tribe Red Leaf. It’s been one of my favorite projects to date! Since then, we’ve also created some blog content and additional copy for their marketing materials.

What I loved most about our website copywriting project

I’ve never had so much creative freedom in a single project, something I am deeply honored by and grateful for. Richard believed in my poetic voice from the beginning and gave me full reign to craft website content around the adventure of being an indie photographer intentionally lost in the woods.

Oh, and I wrote all of the copy on my patio looking out at the lake while surrounded by trees. Can you say dream job? I was in the zone the whole time.  

Blog Ghostwriting and Content Creation: ConvertKit


The story behind our ghostwriting project

Continuing with projects I’ve been honored to work on, the Product Creation Masterclass project I worked on with ConvertKit was no different. I’m not shy about my love for ConvertKit, my long-time email service provider and now copywriting client.

When Darrell, the previous lead of Business Growth at ConvertKit, came to me with a ghostwriting project that would become their biggest affiliate driving offering yet, I said a huge YES to working together. Together, we created 20 full-length lessons (we’re talking 1.5-2k words each) for subscribers who wanted to learn exactly how to build their first digital product in 30 days flat.

What I loved about our content creation project

Besides working with a highly-motivated, extremely inspiring team of entrepreneurial spirited members, I loved that the Product Creation Masterclass led to an ongoing opportunity to write for their blog, Tradecraft. Cheesy, I know, but when I work really well with a client, I love having the chance to keep working together. It’s one of the major highlights of what I do.

Launch Sales Page Copywriting: Holly Meyer Design


The story behind our sales page copywriting project

As a copywriter, it should be easy to find words to explain how much Holly Meyer means to me but alas, I cannot. Holly has been my client since the very beginning when I solely partnered with small businesses as a brand strategist. I helped her quit her day job to pursue her visual branding business full-time, and she invested in me when I transitioned from coaching to copywriting. I’m convinced that business owners who grow together, win together.

Back to the project before I get overly sappy. I recently had the chance to write sales page copy for Holly’s preassembled brand suite shop launch, Brand Provisions. We infused her personality into every section of her copy. My words have never looked more beautiful since they’ve been paired with her brilliant designs.

What I loved about our sales page copywriting project

Saying I loved everything probably isn’t specific enough, is it? In that case, I’ll say my favorite thing was how effectively and quickly everything came together. From contract to first drafts to launch, we were up and rolling in less than a month! This must be what happens after working with one another for over a year. #winning

Various Content Creation

One of my favorite things about what I do is collaborating with heart-centered small businesses to create ongoing content for their blogs and newsletters. Nurturing these ongoing client relationships is my greatest privilege.

Looking at the list below, you’ll see there’s a HUGE variety in the topics I cover for clients. And yes, I really do like it this way. Here’s a sneak peek at the work we’ve produced together in Q2:


You probably noticed ConvertKit made the list twice. It’s been a joy to work with their team on an ongoing basis after finishing up the Product Creation Masterclass.

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Back when I was an online marketing n00b paying my dues in college, I interned with ThinkSEM. The company’s founder, Clint, encouraged my passion for entrepreneurship from the beginning. Now I work with them with them on a freelance basis and it's so rewarding. The blog content we create together ranges from responsive web design to conversion rate optimization to SEO.

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Claire Dobson

Along with Holly Meyer, who I mentioned above, Claire and I have worked together since the beginning of my business. She was actually my first client EVER, and thankfully we’re still collaborating like champs today. Together, we worked on her Insta-Success course sales page and a select few blog posts to beef up her content strategy. We’ll have even more content for wedding professionals coming in Q3 so stay tuned!

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Courageous Creativity

I met Anung Vilay, the founder and apparel designer behind Courageous Creativity, years ago at the Minnesota Bloggers Conference. She became one of my first ongoing content creation clients when I transitioned out of coaching. We get to create heaps of adventurous content for her introverted audience, including a 5 lesson email course on learning to say “no” intentionally.

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Kristen Dyer Photography

I had the pleasure to collaborating with Kristen Dyer to create blog, email newsletter, and social media content for the launch of her Motherhood Sessions around Mother’s Day. She graciously leads our local Minneapolis chapter of TuesdaysTogether where we met. Here’s a sample of our work.


...And that’s a wrap!

Can you see why I was okay taking a minor step back from the blog this quarter? I can’t wait to share with you next quarter what other projects I’ve been working on behind-the-scenes. Until then, follow along on Instagram and Twitter for project updates, copywriting inspiration, and some silly Boomerang videos.

What is the best project you worked on this month, whether it was for a freelance client or for yourself? Tell me about it in the comments!