October 2016 Favorite Finds

I'm sharing my favorite things I've read, watched, listened to and new people to follow in this blogging and entrepreneurship roundup!


Favorite things I’ve read:

Love Does by Bob Goff 

This book had been on my Goodreads shelf for over a year before I picked it up from the library this month. Boy, am I glad I did! This book was full of whimsy, vulnerability, and a whole lot of authenticity. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to (a) be friends with Bob Goff, (b) date someone like Bob Goff, or (c) be someone more like Bob Goff myself. Maybe I'd choose (d) all of the above. It's a fast and enjoyable read of everyday stories paired with true miracles to warm the soul. Read here.  

The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna

The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna

Okay, you caught me, this isn't my first time reading this book but every time I revisit it, I always discover something new about myself and the path I'm currently on. I chose it for this month's #createlounge book club because I needed to get closer to my "must" by identifying my "shoulds". Things are beginning to shift but in a way I'm excited about. 

Online writing worth noting:


Favorite things I’ve watched:

My Girlfriend Candice by Casey Niestat

If you haven't heard of Casey Niestat (how, friend, how?!), he's a wildly popular and extremely talented filmmaker most well-known for his daily vlogs. While his vlogs are fun to watch, this short movie on his relationship with his now wife is perfection. His vulnerability, his narrations, his illustrations - it's all so beautiful. Watch this video here.

Me Before You

I'll start by saying I was SO not emotionally ready for this movie. It's such a deeply stirring love story that will leave you feeling a bit confused, but it'll stretch your empathy to all new levels. I thought it would just be another Nicolas Sparks kind of movie (which I'm pretty "eh" about), but it was incredibly moving. Get ready for a tear jerker, though! Watch this movie here

Vikings Football

Fall means it's football season, which is arguably my favorite time of year just because of NFL football. Well, that and Thanksgiving, big sweaters, and hot chocolate, but you get it. While I'm a die-hard fan of the Minnesota Vikings, I also just love the sport so I watch just about any game that's on. Sundays are a relax, do-nothing day for me and I love it. 


Favorite things I’ve listened to:

How to Defeat the Scarcity Mindset on seanwes Podcast

If there's one thing I need to learn as a business owner, it's having a better money mindset. I'll be the first to admit it! I've been hearing the term "scarcity mindset" a lot lately and didn't realize how easily it had trickled into my spending and saving habits until I listened to this episode. It's really enlightening for first-time business owners and even serves as a great reminder for business veterans. Listen to the episode here

Show Up Before You're Ready on Magic Lessons Podcast

Although I'm incredibly sad that season two of Magic Lessons has come to a close, Elizabeth Gilbert really ended with a bang on this last episode. I listened to it while raking the leaves last weekend (for 7 full hours, might I add...) and started tearing up during multiple parts. Everything spoke to exactly where I am, leaving me to face some brand-changing and life-changing questions, but more on that later. Maybe this episode is what you need to hear too. Listen to the episode here

Lush Vibes Spotify Playlist 

It's rare to find a playlist where I not only like nearly all of the songs but they also flow effortlessly together. This is what I've been listening to as I've been making some tweaks to my website design behind-the-scenes this month and writing newsletters. It's a nice alternative to classical music while I'm working. Listen to the playlist here.

By My Side by Great Good Fine Okay

This song has been on repeat since I heard it on my Discover Weekly playlist. (Thanks Spotify!) It's a catchy alternative electronic tune that sounds like it came right out of the 80's. Think The 1975 meets a more electronic Walk The Moon. Listen to the song here.


Favorite new people to follow:

Bianca Bass

I recently discovered Bianca's blog through Jen Carrington who tweeted a few of her blog posts. Since I love basically everything Jen shares, I knew Bianca was worth looking into and she didn't disappoint. Bianca was a gem and even interviewed me for one of her recent newsletters! She considers her blog a place for "Honest musings on careers, creativity, and being human" which is the perfect description. Follow her here

Ashley Ebert and Nadia Glynn of Intentionally Charged 

Last August, I won a ticket to a local Intentionally Charged Entrepreneurship Workshop, hosted by the lovely Ashley and Nadia. Everything from the food vendors to the floral design to the binder of actionable worksheets was perfectly styled. I gained so much from the workshop and have even been asked to speak at future ones about community (!!!) Hello dreamy collaborations! I love their attitude of abundance and their heart for helping local entrepreneurs in Minneapolis. Follow them here

Kayla Hollatz