November 2016 Favorite Finds

November 2016 Favorite Finds by Kayla Hollatz

Favorite things I've read:

Wildflowers by Katherine Henson

I'm so passionate about supporting other self-published writers, especially those who actively publish their poetry. A little over a year ago, I published my first poetry collection titled Brave Little Bones and this month, my friend Katherine Henson published her own. Her poetry is also short-form which I adore but the way she fits so many themes into her book effortlessly is worthy of praise. It's the perfect read for young women in transitions. Read this book here


Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst

Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst

THIS BOOK. I can't even summarize how life-changing this book was for me. For years, I've been feeling like there needed to be more deeply personal and vulnerable books about dealing with rejection, something that attacks our communities and sense of belonging. It's something I'm really passionate about speaking out about and Lysa's story mixed with her incredible scriptural analysis made this book a must read. Read this book here


Online writing worth noting:

  • 10 Tips to Create Your Own Writing Ritual by Zie Darling 
  • How Social Media Helped Grow 15 Businesses Around the Globe by Brittney Lynn
  • 7 List Building Engagement Tips to Impress Your New Subscribers on Design Your Own Blog
  • What Does the Word "Success" Mean in the Blogging World? by Holly Sutton


Favorite things I've watched:

This is Us

Everyone has been swooning over this new TV series and it's for good reason. It's one of the more well-written heartfelt drama TV shows. Although the character Kevin makes me super uncomfortable at times with his selfishness and arrogance, the other characters like Toby and Randall keep me coming back. Watch the series here

Wedding Bells

I started watching Hallmark Christmas movies way earlier than I'd like to admit this year. Yes, even before having any Christmas decorations up. Of the movies I've watched this year, this one was absolutely the most touching and heartfelt of them all. I adore the story and it felt, well, real which is not always Hallmark's strong suit. Watch the movie here


Favorite things I've listened to:

The Power of Gentle Strength on #createlounge Podcast

Okay, so this may be the podcast I host BUT this specific conversation with Michelle Anthony of is all kinds of enlightening. We talked all about high-sensitivity, self-trust, and beyond. It was so fun to pull out powerful quotes from the episode like "you can be soft and strong" and "you don't need to be the loudest voice to be a strong one". Listen to the episode here

Brand New by Ben Rector

I've been listening to Ben Rector's music for years now but the first time I heard him on the mainstream radio, I started to tear up a bit. There's no song or artist more deserving! It's such a feel-good song and perfect for long drives with the sun on your face. I also really love that Laurie Hernandez danced to this song on finale night of Dancing With The Stars before she won (even though the vocals were by someone else, le sigh). Listen to this song here

24K Magic by Bruno Mars

My friends and family may be sick of this song but I'm just getting started! To me, it has everything an upbeat song should: fun lyrics, quick tempo, and lots of sassy moments. It helps that it only took a few listens to learn all the verses. This is going to be my new pump up jam before speaking opportunities and video workshops, I can feel it. Listen to this song here


Favorite new people to follow:

Chatoya of Creative CoLAB

Shift Your Creative Mindset by Chatoya

Coming from a PR background, I love a good, well-crafted pitch. When Chatoya from Creative CoLAB, an inspiring community focused on creating positive co-working environments, reached out to me last month about trying out her new Shift Your Creative Mindset journal, I was giddy with excitement.

A dedicated journal to outline my creative projects with added accountability so I actually do the work without getting distracted? Sounds heavenly! 

Anyone else suffer from shiny object syndrome? *sheepishly raises hand* Chatoya's Shift Your Creative Mindset gives you enough space to full outline each creative idea while helping you focus on the action steps it takes to make it happen. If you're not feeling the idea after working through the single journal page, it's probably time to move onto another one you are more excited about.  

Another thing I love about this journal is that it's focused on the end result. That way, you don't get lost in all the beginning details.

You can quickly outline next steps for any new project and start working on the actual project instead of getting too stuck in the ideation phase. Envisioning may be fun but it's never as powerful as actually doing the work. 

Shift Your Creative Mindset Journal

I'm happy to announce that Chatoya has graciously offered up an extra copy of her Shift Your Creative Mindset journal for my readers (that means you!) If you're interested in entering for a chance to win this journal, please enter below:


Please note that I did receive a two complimentary copies of the Shift Your Creative Mindset journal but I will purchase another copy in a heartbeat. These thoughts and opinions are entirely my own. 

Kayla Hollatz