Why I Switched to ConvertKit (and upcoming webinar!)

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ConvertKit quickly has become the cool new kid on the block and rightfully so. 

Like many of my close blog and business friends, I recently decided to migrate my mailing list from Mailchimp over to ConvertKit. I knew there had to be something to this tool for it to be recommended by nearly everyone I spoke to on the subject. I’m about four months in and already loving the ConvertKit’s user interface and features. 

Here are some reasons why I made the switch:

I didn’t want to pay for the same subscriber twice

In Mailchimp, if you set up different lists, it counts email addresses separately. This means your subscribers can be counted twice or more, depending on how many different lists they are in. WHAT?! I don't want that. ConvertKit instead lets you set up tags and segmentations within the tool to mimic the list functionality in Mailchimp, but each subscriber is only counted once. #score

This has especially come in handy once I launched a separate website for #createlounge, my community homebase. I was nervous that I’d have a lot of overlap between both lists but with ConvertKit, I can keep both mailing lists in the same platform and send emails to each segment easily. No worrying about sending the same email to people multiple times either, phew!

They offer intuitive email sequences (aka email series)

Emphasis on the word ‘intuitive’. When I have an upcoming product or service launch or I’m setting up a new segmentation within my mailing list, I know creating a sequence will be a breeze. I simply copy and paste my email copy into their easy-to-use platform and it’s ready to be published with the click of a button. 

One of the main highlights of ConvertKit is that it gives you their recommended (and proven) formula for a high-performing sequence, complete with instructions on how to write the best blend of educational, soft pitch, and hard pitch emails. You can switch up the order or stick with theirs. If you’re just starting out with email marketing, this is super helpful. 

It clearly shows what opt-in forms are performing best

When I used Mailchimp, I only knew the amount of people subscribing but it was hard to know how many total people were visiting the form and opting in. With ConvertKit, I can easily see which forms are converting well by the converting percentage, total visitors, and total subscribers statistics. That way I can make tweaks to under-performing forms so they attract more subscribers. It’s all about testing by trial and error!

It’s a content upgrade dream come true

While I don’t use this feature as much as I could, the great thing about setting up different forms is that you’re able to send subscribers not only a dedicated email sequence but also a unique content upgrade (aka lead magnet). I tried to do this once in Mailchimp and after 3 hours, I still couldn’t figure out a way to send separate content upgrades per list. In ConvertKit, you simply upload your content upgrade file and it sends what they call an incentive email to your subscribers with the attachment. Did I mention it’s all automated so you can set it and move on to your next task? *heart eyes emoji*

They are extremely open about their growth

Like you, I really value transparency in business. ConvertKit publishes monthly reports on their blog that show their increase in revenue, describe any changes they’ve made to the tool, and the number of new users. They also introduce new team members they’ve hired which I always think is such a great way to connect with a bigger entity. 

It’s built for professional bloggers and small business owners

This is what it all boils down to. Most email service providers are built for wide audiences which makes their platforms a bit confusing with “everything in the kitchen sink” thrown in. I mean, I wouldn’t hire a life coach if I specifically needed help with my business systems so why choose an email service provider that’s not built specifically for me, a professional blogger and business owner, right?

Ready to try ConvertKit?

I thought so! I think you’ll absolutely love ConvertKit, so much that I’m doing a live webinar with Darrell (who I met in Minneapolis recently - yay!) from ConvertKit this Thursday at 2 PM CT where we’ll talk all about how the tool can help you automate your emails so you can get back to spending the time you saved building your community. 

There will also be some goodies including a free-to-try month of ConvertKit so you can test the platform and I created a whole series of trainings to help you set up everything and make the switch with ease. Sign up here to come to the live training or if you can’t make it live, sign up for the recording and goodies. 

See you there!

emailKayla Hollatz