7 Ways to Raise Engagement in Your Facebook Group with Tips from Experts

Have you started a Facebook group but aren't seeing much engagement? Here's how to increase your engagement through Facebook group challenges, live streams, and more! By Kayla Hollatz

In honor of my Crickets to Community course launch, I’m sharing community-centered blog post content all week!

Today, I’m talking all about Facebook groups, which is one of the most common ways bloggers and business owners build strong online communities. In this post, you’ll find unique ways to spice up a Facebook group from some of my favorite Facebook group organizers. My hope is that these ideas will spark some of your own in your brainstorming process.

Video Challenges in The Roar Tribe

Holly Meyer, the host of The Roar Tribe, and I worked together earlier this year to solidify a community strategy for her Facebook group in the early stages of its growth. When brainstorming, Holly talked about hosting a video challenge that would help her step out of her comfort zone by trying a new medium while encouraging other women in the group to do the same. 

From day one of the Roar Challenge, group participation was extremely high. Everyone in the group wanted to share their story and finally had a safe, private space to do so. I even shared my story about how I was bullied in high school and how that’s affected how I use social media for good today which felt SO therapeutic. If you’re looking for a way to encourage intimacy and belonging, video challenges are worth considering. 

With these video challenges and our coaching work together, her Facebook group has almost tripled in size in just three months. She’s also gained branding and web design clients from the group after hosting her video challenge. I’m so proud of how she is helping women find their roar and unleash their passion with courage and strength. 

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Icebreaker Questions in The Badass Solopreneur Society

If there’s one person who reminds you to just have fun while building your online business, it’s definitely Dre, the host of The Badass Solopreneur Society. I love her no-BS attitude and how she will never dull her edge for anyone. Members of her group become quick evangelists because everyone keeps it real. 

It’s common to see Facebook groups have daily to weekly prompts. What’s unique about her Facebook group is that she posts regular get-to-know-you questions that act as fun prompts for members to answer.

Questions range from would-you-rather’s, this-or-that’s, and open-ended questions. Dre also makes sure to answer each question herself which really helps to get the conversation going and helps you get to know her more as a member. 

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Member Reposts in Capture Your Audience

Claire, the host of Capture Your Audience, and I have been working together for about nine months now (woo!) and it’s been so fun watching her Facebook group grow from 0 to almost 500 members now while her Instagram following went from 900 to 20k while working together… wowza!

One of the ways she engages with her Facebook group members is by allowing them to submit photos they’ve taken for a fun weekly contest. If a member’s submission is chosen, Claire reposts it on her Instagram account, which again has over 20k followers and is climbing higher each day! This is such a great way to give back to your members while also helping you fill in your content calendar. So smart!

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Instagram Prompts in The Gram Gang

I’ve been following along with Stephanie, the host of The Gram Gang, for a while and the way she has blended her Facebook group with her daily Instagram prompt community is incredible. In her Facebook group, she shares the upcoming month’s daily prompts so members can get a head start on creating content for Instagram. 

The prompts almost act as an ongoing Instagram challenge. It’s great for bloggers and business owners who sometimes forget to plan content for a specific day or don’t know what to post that day. We’ve all been there! The hashtag #thegramgang also gives you a chance to connect with other people on Instagram. 

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Guest Host Takeovers in Badass Bosspreneurs

I only recently heard about this Badass Bosspreneurs Facebook group, run by Meghan, but I’ve been incredibly impressed not only with the genuine interaction but also with how unique the group prompts are. 

I originally heard about this group from Holly, who I mentioned above, because she said she would be hosting a 4-day challenge of branding as a sort of guest host takeover Meghan calls “Resident Badass”. How brilliant is that?! Not only does it help you grow your Facebook group engagement, but it also allows your members share their expertise while everyone learns something new from one another. Let’s call that a win-win-WIN!

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Member Spotlights in The Rising Tide Society

The Rising Tide Society has completely blown up this year, especially with its monthly meetups called Tuesdays Together which are held in local cities all across the US. Kristen, the host of the Minneapolis Tuesdays Together group, creates a monthly Member Spotlight, which I believe is a regular practice for all of the Tuesday Together local chapters. 

In the Member Spotlight, the local host picks one creative business owner to highlight, telling other members who they are, what they do, and why their work is uber important. It’s a great way for members to meet one another between the monthly meetups and learn more about what everyone does for a living. 

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Facebook Live streams in The Swarm Society

Christina, the host of The Swarm Society, and I worked together earlier this summer to create a paid mentorship group that shared her heart for teaching and supporting other women in the digital space. She’s done an incredible job regularly interacting and giving advice to her members, especially through Facebook Live videos. 

I’ve seen quite a few business owners and bloggers do Facebook Live streams but no one does them quite like Christina! She has so much energy and is quick to share anything she knows about any topic. She also gives shout-outs to other members in the group for their “wins” of the week and answers questions directly in each live stream. 

After working together on The Swarm Society, Christina has not only been able to satisfy her purpose in life, which is encouraging young women in the digital space, but also create a solid, sustainable stream of income. Talk about dreamy!

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