30 June Blogging Prompts

30 Blogging Prompts | Kayla Hollatz: Community Coach for Creatives

Sometimes you sit down in front of your notepad or computer and nothing connects. It’s not writer’s block, but sometimes your creative well runs dry.

If you’ve been lacking inspiration lately, here are a few blog post prompts that might spark some ideas. Feel free to use as many as you’d like and have fun!

(Note: the number prompts is reflective of the number of days in June. Clever, right?)

  1. Blog goals for the second half of the year while recapping the progress of your 2015 goals
  2. Home office tour
  3. Favorite typography/fonts
  4. Your personal mission statement
  5. Moodboard / aesthetic
  6. Ways to make networking feel non-icky
  7. Your favorite social media platform and why
  8. The importance of hobbies
  9. An inside look into your workflow
  10. Your must-have online resources
  11. Mapping out the user journey for your current (or redesigned) website
  12. A look into your editorial calendar
  13. Your favorite podcasts
  14. Day in the life
  15. Highlight what you DIY on your blog
  16. Office organization tips
  17. Blog photography pointers
  18. Your favorite productivity apps
  19. The anatomy of your blog posts
  20. Your creative process quirks
  21. How you make the most of 140 characters
  22. Your most popular posts and why they are the most popular
  23. The evolution of your blog’s branding
  24. Why you started blogging
  25. Your top inspiration sources
  26. “Ask me anything” column
  27. Work-life balance
  28. How you organize your inbox
  29. A look into your newsletter strategy
  30. How you’ve built your social media community

For those of you who haven't heard, I'm launching my brand spankin' new website on Monday, June 15 and I'm SO excited to unveil this labor of love.

With my website relaunch, I will also be doing my first live Q+A session!

I’m taking questions before the video chat, so feel free to ask me about blogging, social media, branding, anything! Submit your questions here or below in the comment section and let’s party!

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