Tales of a Workaholic

The Girl Who Never Stops.

My loved ones gave me this nickname years ago and it stuck. If there was a Workaholics Anonymous group, I would not only be a member, but also their poster child. 

With one semester until I graduate, I already exhibit the qualities and habits of a workaholic. I'm always attached to my phone and computer, whether it be to post on social media, check emails, or design blog visuals. I think about starting at least a dozen different niche blogs a week. 

It's safe to say that the busy, technology driven public relations industry has shaped my lifestyle. 

If I could describe my career in one word, it would be fast-paced. (Hey, it still counts even with the hyphen!) This need to be constantly connected 24/7 can sometimes have its downfalls.

I've grown accustom to a life where productivity reigns supreme.

In this year alone, I've created exPRession PR, started a PR network through uPRise PR before it dissolved, continued to write (and soon finish) my first poetry collection, started writing a column with Underground Sparks, became the PR Manager of ThinkSEM and it's only May!

I'm ecstatic about all of these new opportunities, but I find myself exhausted in every sense of the word every night before I turn off the lights.

Last week, I told myself, "Kayla, something needs to change."

 But where would I start? Looking for guidance, I turned to my Twitter community as I often do.


I think I need to learn how to relax again + stop over glorifying being busy. It's difficult to find a balance, but so important.
— Kayla Hollatz (@kayla_hollatz) May 23, 2014


It never occurred to me that so many other young professionals were feeling the same way until I posted the tweet and saw notifications start to pour in. I also received some heartfelt replies from dozens of fellow bloggers expressing how they too were attempting to find a work-life balance to better suit their needs.

Thanks to their inspiration and a bit of soul searching of my own, I'm taking control over my lifestyle again. To start, I've decided to have social media free weekends. My love for Twitter is still very much abundant, but I see the need to refocus on the weekends. I am also going to devote more time into sending handwritten letters and having regular phone dates with loved ones to replace texting and scrolling for updates through Facebook. I predict these small steps are going to make a big difference. 

I've learned sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to rest and relax.

Don't let your work life rule you. Although it is important to follow your passions, which lead you to feel passionate about the work you do, it is also crucial to take a step back and reflect. 

I challenge you to create the lifestyle you dream of. There is no secret formula as to finding the perfect work-life balance because it varies from person to person. Instead, get in tune with what you want. Get ready for an incredible life. 

Kayla Hollatz