12 Types of Lead Magnets to Attract (and Keep) Email Subscribers: Part Two

12 types of lead magnets to increase your email list of subscribers for your online business by Kayla Hollatz

Did you miss the first part of this Lead Magnets blog series? See the first 5 lead magnets here before reading on. 

As a refresher, here's a quick recap of what we covered in the last 

  • What is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is just fancy digital marketing jargon that can be defined as the offer you’re giving an email subscriber for signing up for your mailing list. 
  • 5  starting lead magnets and content upgrades for business owners
    • 01 // Email course
    • 02 // Video training
    • 03 // Interactive quiz
    • 04 // Ebook
    • 05 // Email challenge

Let's continue the list of lead magnets below...


06 // Audio series

Okay, so maybe being video makes you shift in your seat and writing isn’t really your thing. If this sounds like you, creating an audio series could be a great fit. Think of it as a mini podcast you’re creating around a specific theme or subject.

Your audio clips can be as short or long as you'd like. They can be interviews with other business owners or people in your target audience, or solo episodes with you and the microphone. Get creative! 

Examples: Before I created the #createlounge podcast (which is currently on a break), I created The Power of We Audio Series which featured 10 interviews on different community building platforms with entrepreneurs I adored like Mariah Coz, Melyssa Griffin, Sarah Morgan, Maya Elious… so many! Of course, the queen of audio series will always be Danielle LaPorte - I really loved Fight for Your Joy


07 // Printable checklist

If you’re short on time or resources, creating a checklist can be one of the easiest lead magnets to make. This does, however, mean that a lot of content creators have created pretty low-quality checklists. 

Because most subscribers have likely traded their email address for a checklist that was less than helpful in the past, add a preview of what’s covered in the checklist so subscribers know what they’re signing up for. This goes for any of the other lead magnets too. 

Examples: I love how Caitlin Bacher’s Facebook group checklist is ultra-helpful and unique, as well as Emily Bank’s checklist on how to DIY your brand


08 // Worksheets or Workbooks

How have we gone this long without talking about worksheets or workbooks? This is another great lead magnet, especially for subscribers who love a good pencil and paper brainstorming session. It’s the best kind of adult homework. 

You can also create digital worksheets and workbooks with fillable forms in PDF form! I’m lucky to have a few designer friends in Minneapolis who are going to be showing me exactly how to do this at our next mastermind meeting so I can’t wait to use this feature more. Woo!

Examples: I have a few collections of worksheets from Finding Your Ideal Client to Becoming a Social Media Hero, but I need to give a big shout out to my branding designer, Allison Hall, for creating the most comprehensive Branding Workbook I’ve seen yet. 


09 // Community

Of course, this is one of my favorite lead magnets of all! For my entire first year of business, I helped creative bloggers and entrepreneurs build dedicated tribes around their brand.

That combined with my third year of hosting the #createlounge community means I can confidently say that communities are a proven and purposeful way to build your email list. 

Examples: Rather than take up more space gushing about how much I love communities (seriously, I could do this allll day), you can see this post from the archive which highlights 7 of my favorite Facebook groups


10 // Printable or digital art

Who does love a good wallpaper or cute print? These are often highly successful lead magnets because subscribers feel like they’re getting something they can hold for free. 

Are you a designer? Create a monthly themed phone or desktop background. Are you a calligrapher? Create a hand-lettered print subscribers can download, print, and hang in their home office. Have fun with it!

Example: I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated solely to phone and desktop wallpapers. Yes, I know I’m a writer by trade, but I love all of the pretty designed things. Plenty of these wallpaper creators use their digital art as a lead magnet for their email list. 


11 // Calendars and spreadsheets

If you think in a more logical and strategic way, outlining calendars and creating spreadsheets could be a great way to help your audience make sense of their goals, finances, and beyond. 

I got over my spreadsheet-phobia when I found I liked compiling social media analytics (who knew?) at my previous PR agency job, and ever since then I haven’t been able to get enough of them. It’s likely that your audience feels the same way. 

Are you a coach? Create a strategic calendar that can help subscribers plan their week or month ahead. Are you a financial planner? Create a budgeting spreadsheet that helps subscribers track their expenses. Again, have fun with it!

Examples: My most popular post to this day includes a Social Media Calendar Template which is a simple spreadsheet to help others create a plan for their social media marketing. Another spreadsheet I love is from Iyanna who helps you price out your offerings - so useful!


12 // Resource library

Do you find yourself having a hard time choosing a lead magnet? Well, I’m happy to say you don’t have to! If you want to create multiple resources that I’ve listed here, think about creating a private library for subscribers. It’s best to keep your library password-protected so it feels exclusive. #VIPstatus 

Another great thing about creating a resource library is that all of your content can be accessed in one place, meaning your subscribers don’t have to opt-in in different areas of your website to download, watch, or listen to what they want. 

The best libraries are those that are frequently updated and well-stocked so while this may take some time to build up, it's a great opt-in for your general email form. 

Examples: I’ve always admired how well-stocked Melyssa Griffin’s resource library is with all kinds of resources on different subjects throughout her years of transition. My friend Melanie of My Billie Designs also has a resource library full of out-of-this-world branding and graphic design resources.  

That's all, folks!

Well, at least for now. I think those 12 types of lead magnets will keep you busy until the next roundup comes along. In the meantime, I'd love to hear in the comment section below which type you're most excited to create

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