A little about you

You’ve been in business for a while, creating memorable client experiences while growing your online following but lately, your brand has been growing well beyond your DIY capabilities.  

You don’t want to scale back (heck, you're just getting started!) but you know it’s time to be intentional with your website and content marketing strategy without having to be the person responsible for carrying it out. 

You're ready to reclaim your time, share more of your story, and conserve energy for business projects you really care about. 

You’re ready for a business that not only looks and feels like you but sounds like you too. And that starts with your words. 

You, a visually in-tune small business owner, and me, a storytelling-obsessed Minneapolis Website Content Writer and Copywriter? Now that’s a dream team



a little about me

I’m Kayla Hollatz, a Minneapolis Copywriter, Ghostwriter and Website Strategist who loves nothing more than crafting brand stories with soul. Except for maybe peppermint hot chocolate... we’ll call it a tie. 

I help creative entrepreneurs and small businesses make a real impact by tailoring their words to better highlight their brand story through copywriting and content creation.

I’m equally passionate about educating online business owners on copywriting and online business strategy through my actionable blog content, insightful email list, and on-demand brand classes.

Whether you need an experienced writer to help you define your brand voice and bring it to life on your website, or a trusted partner to help you revive your content marketing strategy, I’m here to support you, dig in, and get to work. 

  Named 2017 Best Young Entrepreneur by Minnesota Business Magazine

Named 2017 Best Young Entrepreneur by Minnesota Business Magazine



Things you’d learn about me over hot chocolate: 

I’m known for my 6 ft. tall frame, Minnesotan accent, and talking with my hands.
My proudest moment in business was raising $5,000 with a 100% charitable small business conference in 2017.
My most commonly used emoji is the crying laughing emoji. This says a lot about me.
The first thing I wanted to be when I grew up was a mermaid. 
I believe denim jeans are appropriate for the (home) office. 
I published a memoir poetry collection titled Brave Little Bones in 2015. 
My Sundays aren’t complete without faith, family, and football. #SkolVikings
I pronounce sure as “shore” and end too many sentences with “uffda”. You’ll get used to it. 
I believe in the Oxford comma and exclamation points. (!!!) 

Kayla Hollatz: Minneapolis Copywriter and Brand Strategist for Business Owners


My “Why”

  • connecting communities through impactful storytelling 
  • giving a sizable percentage of my income to charity (guided by Phillippians 4:19, humbled by Matthew 6:1-4)
  • earning, investing, and giving with integrity 
  • building a business that fits effortlessly into my ideal lifestyle
  • to learn even more about my why, read this personal blog post

My Core Values

01 // Faith and Generosity

02 // Family First

03 // Community and Belonging

04 // Profit with Purpose

05 // Serving with Authenticity


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